Keena and Molly met four and a half years ago while studying abroad at Cambridge. Molly thought it would be a great idea to lug her guitar overseas, and so, instead of exploring the 800 year old culture surrounding them, they spent their time bonding over music. Don't worry, they took a tour of a cathedral at some point too.

The two shared a passion for folk music and took to perfecting their crystalline harmonies through the songs of Jenny Lewis, Fleetwood Mac, and Simon & Garfunkle.  After graduating from UC Berkeley, Batti and Falck moved back home to Los Angeles and began writing songs of their own. To help enhance their sound, the duo reached out to producer Devon Geyer, who incorporated influences like Low, First Aid Kit, and Grizzly Bear. Geyer contacted drummer Burleigh Drummond about the new project, and shortly thereafter, the quartet arranged and recorded “Love So Fine." 

They've written and performed together as Steps of Doe for three years, gradually working to release their debut album "On Returning." Find it on iTunes and Spotify! "Their old-school vibe harkens back to the age of '60s folk acts in Greenwich Village," writes Ted Jamison for Music Connection, "while their open fifth and parallel octave harmonies reach even further back into medieval, troubadour territory." You can watch them perform at venues across the LA area including el Cid, the Silverlake Lounge, Pehrspace, the Witzend, and Hotel Cafe. Visit them Fridays at the Old Place in Kanan Canyon and they'll personally serenade your table.